About Us


I've been a photographer almost all of my life.

My  father had Cooper's Studio in Bemidji, Minnesota from 1946-1973.  My  uncle, Sam Cooper, had Cooper's Studio in Grand Forks , North Dakota for   over forty years.​

By  the age of fifteen, I was taking senior photos and wedding pictures.  I  was fortunate to be trained by my dad as he was a wonderful  photographer.  After college, I also attended the Winona Lakes School of  Professional Photography in Winona Lakes, Indiana.  There we were  trained by the best portrait photographers in the country.

After  many years as a Financial Consultant, I retired and have now been able  to pursue my art.  For several years now, my wife Kathy, and I have been  photographing seniors and  families and nature.  We want it to be a  joyful, calm experience for all involved but also know that attention to  every detail is critical.  That's Kathy's job and she does it well.

We charge a modest fee, no packages, frames, etc.  We also photograph high school seniors to look like high school seniors.  

We guarantee our work and have a quick turnaround from start to finish.

We hope to work with you and your family.

David and Kathy Cooper